There is Life After the Thesis

After chronicling my thoughts, feelings, ideas, and experiences throughout the thesis process on this blog (formerly entitled Rites of a Thesis), it seemed odd to me to simply let the blog go just because I had turned in my thesis and graduated. I don't want to merely "shelve" my thesis nor do I want all that I got from my time at Naropa to lie dormant. I want my thesis to continue to live and breathe and become, and I would like all the teachings and experiences I had during my time at Naropa to do the same. So I am keeping the blog (changing the title), and am commiting to myself to (w)rite on as I journey forward.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Mission: Hurry Up and Get There!

That is the title of my Awareness Walk this morning with Love.

What's with the pull? What's up with the forward-focused-can't-stop-for-nothing-no-way-no-how-no-one's-gonna-stop-me-from-getting-where-I'm-going pace, leash, seemingly, at breaking point? And, then, what's up with the I-wasn't-really-going-anywhere-in-particular slow down, allowing the leash to simply swish and sway instead of being pulled taut and tight?

Could this be what I look like, how I think, how I behave? I'm in such a hurry: always trying to get something done. I'm on a mission, a quest. It all seems so important for some reason, and then, some time goes by, and it just really isn't so important any more. It loosens, dissolves, peters out.

What was really nice for me today, was that I didn't have to hurry up and get anywhere. It's my first morning of spring break. I got to walk my dog at 9:00 AM instead of 6:00 AM. The weather is amazingly perfect: warm, with a slight breeze, blue skies, and sunshine. I get to come home and write down my observations and thoughts without trying to remember them and write about them later.

This morning I was able to sit quietly in bed, with my cup of coffee, writing out my Morning Pages. I get to meditate at 10:45 in the morning instead of fitting it in between a walk and a shower and the scramble to get out of the house on time for work. I have the opportunity to sit back and be grateful for time: time to be, to do, to enjoy.

I don't have to hurry today. I'm already there.

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